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Dedicated to creating exceptional holiday memories and giving back to our community.  Fitness, culture and good works define us; Cuban expertise, Canadian sensibility and a collective pride in our island drive us. We welcome cyclists from around the world and tailor our cycling tours to a variety of fitness levels.

Bicyclebreeze runs cycling tours in the spring and fall, with itineraries specifically designed to capitalize upon Cuba’s natural beauty and cultural riches. With groups of 10 or more, we can also customize private tours to a variety of interests and budgets. Many of our guests return year after year, so we strive to keep our itineraries fresh and exciting.

Latest Tours

velo niagara 6

Velo Niagara

Niagara is best known for its thundering falls and its proximity to vineyards, did you know that the region is also a great cycling destination...


Gringo Viejo

Welcome to Cuba with our friend Jim, on his Gringo Viejo ride. Although Jim is exactly that, an old American, we named the ride not for him...


Thistles & Roses

The Cycling Way of the Roses, plus Galloway, all by bike. This bicycle tour in both Northern England and Sothern Scotland is conducted on quiet...


Fat Mary

This is our most popular route. Offering a broad view of Cuban life style. Cycle the north coastal route, from Matanzas to Havana...

Discover all Cuba has to offer in this complete cycling guide.

Wally and Barbara Smith spent 6 months cycling 8,000 miles in Cuba to provide detailed directions for 50 days of cycling. The rides vary in length, many combining to create multi-day loops. Detailed directions describe rides leaving Havana to the west and east. Subsequent rides are clustered in the three best regions of Cuba for cycling: Pinar del Rio, Central Cuba, and the Oriente. A final section contains advice on connecting the regions for a long tour of the entire island. In addition, the authors provide information on getting to Cuba, equipment and accessories, food and water, safety considerations, overnight accommodations, and more.

Exploring this fascinating country on two wheels may just be the best way to fully appreciate its history, people, and culture. 50 black-and-white photographs, 15 maps.

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Telecommunication for Travelers in Cuba

Maybe. Some U.S. carriers have or are beginning to make agreements with ETECSA (the Cuban national telecommunications company) to provide roaming services in Cuba. Sprint and Verizon, for example, currently offer roaming services in Cuba...


Packing Your Bike

Some CanBiCuba riders take their own bike to our rides in Cuba. To transport your bike on an airplane it is best to have packed in a box. Bicycle touring is becoming a popular pastime and global travel to do this touring is very common...



The CanBiCuba Cycling Club supports youth programs throughout Cuba. We are involved with both the national cycling federation and master racing in the Havana area. There are no bike shops as we know them in the developed world and our youth groups depend on your support...