Dedicated to creating exceptional holiday memories and giving back to our community.  Fitness, culture and good works define us; Cuban expertise, Canadian sensibility and a collective pride in our island drive us. We welcome cyclists from around the world and tailor our cycling tours to a variety of fitness levels.
CanBiCuba runs cycling tours in the spring and fall, with itineraries specifically designed to capitalize upon Cuba’s natural beauty and cultural riches. With groups of 8 or more, we can also customize private tours to a variety of interests and budgets. Many of our guests return year after year, so we strive to keep our itineraries fresh and exciting.

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CanBiCuba boasts a collective 75 years of cycling experience to ensure your holiday exceeds all expectations. The tour is supported by an air-conditioned bus and driver, an experienced cultural cycling guide, and licensed mechanic.

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Tours are tailored to meet all fitness levels. Whether you’re a life-long rider who lives for hard hill climbs or a weekend cyclist who is looking for a fitness challenge that goes beyond the typical all-inclusive experience, a CanBiCuba tour is for you. Walking, hiking and swimming are planned to complement your cycling activities, with time set aside for sun, sand and relaxation if you so choose.

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Showcasing a rich musical heritage, stunning architecture and an intriguing revolutionary history, Cuba is a cultural oasis for travelers. Cyclists are afforded respect on the roads and Cubans are warm, well educated and hospitable. We’ll take you off the beaten path for unforgettable glimpses of Cuba that you won’t see on a resort or tour bus. Always ready for adventure, our guides are continually on the lookout for unique ways to enhance your travel experience.


While Cuba is rich with a vibrant culture and breathtaking beauty, its people are often faced with shortages of goods and services. There are no cycling shops as we know them and our Cuban friends depend on old donated equipment such as tires, tubes and cables to participate in our joint passion. CanBiCuba partners with Cuban cycling clubs throughout the island, making donations and joining in fundraising events. We encourage our guests to bring donations of new and used equipment, and we’ll make sure you get the chance to see how your donations support the Cuban cycling community.


My name is Peter Marshal and I am a lifelong cyclist. Born in Edinburgh and growing up in Sunderland, I joined the Houghton Clarion CC in 1959. My first bike was a green and yellow 5 speed BSA, possibly the worst bike I have ever owned but I wish that it was still in my bike shed.

In the late 60’s I immigrated to Canada, thinking I’d just check it out. Well Canada tricked me and I stayed for 45 years and had some wonder times, racing, touring and organizing events.

In 1999 I went on a holiday to Guardalavaca in Eastern Cuba. It was a beautiful resort with a fantastic white sand beach, but to be honest I needed more and decided to go beyond the beach. I rented a car, drove inland to Las Tunas to meet a friend who had retired down here. In those days and being ignorant of the real Cuba, I thought he was crazy! To prove his commitment to life in Cuba he set about trying to convince me to start up a tour company in Cuba. I had run tours and other cycling event and was an experienced businessman, but this idea took me some time to come to terms with. I knew nothing of the travel business. How on earth could I possibly go forward with confidence? I decided to just mull it over and started t0 ride around Cuba alone. Well I fell in love with the place and the whole idea that my friend was so adamant about me doing. I became a qualified travel agent and teamed up with the University of Las Tunas. Our plan was to start in November 2001.

Well events of September 11th. of that year threw a spanner in our wheels, and although that period in history (just after 9/11) was possibly the safest time in aviation history for commercial flying, it took me until the following April to persuade 3 brave souls to trust me on a ride around the Sierra Maestra. The following year I did 8 one week rides and we were up and running.

When I started the cycle tour company, I called it Niagara Safari, thinking that I’d venture to other lands. This idea fell by the wayside once I realized that to be able to do a good job one needs to be in close contact with locals and venturing to many different places, simply reduces the ability to do a good job. I stick the paces I know and understand, or at least, think I understand. Cuba keeps me hopping with its quirky ways. In 2006 I hosted what is known as a “Hub & Spoke”, one hotel and ride out each day. This group was made up entirely of Canadians, one of whom was a lifelong cycling pal, Les Humphreys. He and I had started doing group tours together back in the summer of ’72. Les came up with the CanBiCuba name for our Hub & Spoke. I liked the name and asked if anyone objected at my adopting it. No objections were forthcoming and “Niagara Safari” became CanBiCuba that evening in Aguas Claras.

Over the years we have polished our business and have developed many rides and assisted many independent riders and groups with cycling projects here in Cuba. I am a full time resident here in Havana and have been married to my lovely wife Ana for 8 years, without whom this project might well have died 10 years ago.

Going forward CanBiCuba will see Ana and myself retire and this business will go forward with our daughters. It is hoped that business environment may ease in the near future, and the idea of having your company headquartered in Havana will become a very viable proposition.

Cuba is a beautiful place and a great nation, with a history as an independent country that is the oldest in the Americas. I love this island and so will you. For great cycling adventures in Cuba, ride with us.



Travel Experts

Peter Marshall

Founder of CanBiCuba was born in Scottland and is a lifetime cyclist and now resides in Havana Cuba.

Dr.Ana Maria Maza

Retired scientist and Peter’s wife. Joins in the passion of Bicyclebreeze as Chief Administrator.

Why The Names

Over the years we have tried to make our events a little more interesting than those of the large travel companies who tell you they know everything about everywhere. Some listing in the region of 20 countries and one boasting an impressive 90 destinations………………. Give your head a shake. You are probably paying too much.
We are Cubans and this is our land. We are cyclists and we know the roads.
Our events are named to attract you to a particular destination or journey. These trips are deigned to be memorable and fun.

This our annual spring ride out of Matanzas and follows a usually tailwind route through Havana, the Sierra Rosario and out to the very western tip of Cuba. En route we stay over at a resort named “Maria La Gorda” hence the Fat Mary Monica..

This name translates into English as “Old Cyclist”. These rides are of an easier nature and not for the hammer down riders we refer to as “Sportives” If you consider yourself a Ciclo Temba, and see a ride marked “Sportif”, it is probably not for you.

This one has the name of the province followed by a delicious fruit. It is not the straight forward though. Here in Cuba we often refer to something or someone of exceptional beauty as a “Mango” Believe us, this ride is a very photogenic trip.

A ride in and around the Sierra Maestra, that pays tribute to the first lady of the revolution. This ride tells a story for fortitude and bravery.

A ride across Cuba. This is not an easy go and you really need to read the event write up. Do not ask to ride this event on a mountain bike or hybrid.

One day we will attach a name to this one but for now we are sticking with what the “Gringo” can understand

Formally known as our Bay of Pigs ride. We think that our clients are ready for a little Spanish.