Trans Cuba Sportive

  • Destination: Cuba, Trans Cuba.
  • Duration: 16 days.
  • Arrives: 02/13/2020
  • Departs: 02/28/2020
  • Days of cycling: 12
  • Usual daily distances: +100km
  • Terrain: Mostly flat roads, hard because of daily distance.
  • Support vehicle: 100%
  • Tour staff: guide/ leader/ mechanic/ driver(s)

Trans Cuba 2020 will be the 7th edition of this epic ride across Cuba from end to end. This is listed as a “Sportif’ and only road bikes will be permitted. You need to study the itinerary carefully, there are some long rides involved and a good level of experience is required. This is not a race.


US$3225. Should you register looking to share with an another and we are not able to find an acceptable companion, you will need to pay the Single Supplement charge.



Thursday February 13 th.

Clients arrive on Holguin airport. Group pick up by the tour bus to bring to the hotel. Set up the bikes. Free time in the city.

– Cycling: optional city tour by bike.
– Accommodation: Hotel Mirador de Mayabe.
– Meals Included: Dinner.

Friday February 14 th.

After breakfast, be ready for a bus drive to Baracoa, approximately 4 hours.

– Cycling: optional city tour by bike.
– Accommodation: Hotel Porto Santo.
– Meals Included: Breakfast / Dinner.

Saturday February 15 th.

Depart from the Columbus statue, on the Malecon, at 8 am and ride to Hotel Guantanamo. A more specific directive will be given to both the guide and tour leader. The climb over Paso Cuba is over at the 30Km, point. Be careful on the descent to the coast there are some tricky bands.

– Cycling: 153.6 km.
– Accommodation: Hotel Guantanamo.
– Meals Included: Breakfast / Dinner.

Sunday February 16 th.

Depart at 8am and ride to Bayamo. This is a long ride. Do not dally at lunch time, we don’t want to arrive after dark.

– Cycling: 196.4km.
– Accommodation: Hotel Sierra Maestra.
– Meals Included: Breakfast / Dinner.

Monday February 17 th.

Depart at 9am, this is a short ride . We will be met by a school cycling team enroute and they will escort the group into Las Tunas. We have a free afternoon in the city, then a BBQ with the school children at night.

– Cycling: 82.4km.
– Accommodation: Hotel Las Tunas.
– Meals Included: Breakfast / Dinner BBQ with cycling club.

Tuesday February 18 th.

Back to the 8am start and ride to Camaguey. Long ride through Cuba’s biggest province, usually wind at your back. No climbs to speak of.

– Cycling: 123.8 km.
– Accommodation: Hotel Camaguey.
– Meals Included: Breakfast / Dinner.

Wednesday February 19 th.

Depart at 8am and ride to Ciego de Avila. The food in this hotel is very bad. Tonight we eat in a Cuban restaurant close by.

– Cycling: 115.5 km.
– Accommodation: Hotel Ciego de Avila.
– Meals Included: Breakfast / Dinner.

Thursday February 20 th.

Depart at 8am and ride to Sancti Spiritus.

– Cycling: 82.5km.
– Accommodation: Hotel Rancho Hatuey.
– Meals Included: Breakfast/ Dinner.

Friday February 21 st.

Depart to Trinidad. Short city visit, then on to the hotel. If making good time on the road, then, visit the tower Iznaga, about 15k before Trinidad.

– Cycling: 78.8km.
– Accommodation: Hotel Finca Ma’ Dolores.
– Meals Included: Breakfast / Dinner.

Saturday February 22 nd.

Depart at 8 am and ride to Rancho Luna, nice coastal route.

– Cycling: 75 km.
– Accommodation: Hotel Rancho Luna.
– Meals Included: All-inclusive.

Sunday February 23 rd.

Depart at 8am and take the ferry across the mouth of the bay and ride to Playa Larga.

– Cycling: 127.3 km.
– Accommodation: Hotel Playa Larga.
– Meals Included: All-inclusive.

Monday February 24 th.

Depart at 8am and ride to San Antonio de los Baños. Today is a long one, stay together and ride steady.

– Cycling: 187.6km.
– Accommodation: Hotel Las Yagrumas.
– Meals Included: Breakfast / Dinner.

Tuesday February 25 th.

Depart at 8 am and ride to Pinar del Rio city. This ride takes you to western Cuba, hotel is in the centre of the city.

– Cycling: 152km.
– Accommodation: Hotel Vueltabajo.
– Meals Included: Breakfast / Dinner.

Wednesday February 26 th.

Depart at 8 am and ride to Cabo San Antonio. We need to go through a check point at the park entrance. After the check point the road is flat and you will ride right into the hotel grounds, Ride past the hotel for about 4k until you reach the pier at the very tip of Cuba, return to the hotel and get your room, nice beach here.

– Cycling: 191.8 km.
– Accommodation: Hotel Villa Cabo San Antonio.
– Meals Included: Breakfast / Dinner.

Thursday February 27 th.

Enjoy the beach after breakfast. Depart at 11am and bus back to Havana. Take a short coffee break in Pinar del Rio around 1pm, then onto the hotel in Havana. This is a long drive, you will be back in Havana around 7 pm. Fairwell Dinner at a Paladar.

– Cycling: 0km.
– Accommodation: Hotel Presidente.
– Meals: included: Breakfast / Dinner.

Friday February 28 th.

Departure day.

Cycle Rental

Bicycle Breeze has bike rentals at great prices. For this tour you will need a ROAD BIKE. Should you prefer to bring your own that is fine with us, you will get the same mechanical assistance as the renters.
Check your travel company for costs of shipping your bike. Depending on your country of embarkation you may be better to rent. Renting has other positive aspects. Your bike will not get lost in transit. It is far easier to travel without a bike box and spare bikes are on the bus for renters. The negative side is that this is not your favourite ride.

Customize This Tour

With a group of 10 or more riders, Bicycle Breeze can offer the ability to customize a tour to suit your needs. Contact us to start planning your next great adventure.