Equipment Donation

Since 2006 our group has been donating racing equipment to young Cuban cycling teams.

Our latest adoption is the Pena club in South West Havana. A small active group of around 10 young riders being coached by a 69 year old trainer and other retired cyclists in the area. Below on the right is 13 year old Claudio Estrada with his new bike donated by Tanya Coyle of British Columbia and delivered to Cuba by Martin Reid from Hamilton. A very nice bike. Thanks for everything.

With the help of Peter Penman, who was living Las Tunas, we were able to hook up with a high school team. Our adopted squad of juniors have done us proud, not only growing in size but also producing national champions and setting some national records.

Ranging in age from 12y to 17y, these young athletes are not able to find any racing equipment in their home land and rely strictly on donated bikes and parts.

Why is this ride being hosted in Niagara

This weekend of cycling is being held in beautiful Niagara (Velo Niagara Tour), not simply to ride the wonderful back roads but also to raise money for the repair of the club headquarters of a youth group in western Havana that had been damaged by two hurricanes last September. Your support will help our group revive this; youth group’s hosting garden and workshop. Please help CanBiCuba (our group) with this project that is bringing young children into the sport of cycling and offering them a way to make a life of cycling. The small donation (your registration) will help us rebuild their facility. We will rebuild with local trades people and a local project manager, just as we did in the home for handicapped children in Mirimar.


We take anything, old racing bikes, used inner tubes you name it. If it can be used to set up another young racer we need it.

The response has been very good. So good that we have adopted another similar team in East Havana. Let us hope they can do as well as the Las Tunas group.

Should you have any equipment please contact us.